The Summer of 2020 brought an exciting new venture for Plough On Sunday. We were approached by Lucardo Escape Rooms in Manchester to work in collaboration with them on their latest escape room project: a new horror themed room called ‘The Orphanage’. Set in an abandoned Victorian orphanage, players must solve puzzles, riddles and clues before the time runs out and they are locked inside the haunted building forever!

Plough On Sunday worked with a number of local artists including actors and dancers from across the North West to help create decorations that would hang on the walls inside the game and also incorporated into puzzles. For the photo shoot, the artists took on the role of Victorian orphans who had once lived at the orphanage and who were sadly mis-treated by the matron.

We were delighted to work with make-up artist Charlotte Leighton-Woods to help create these visual effects as she worked her magic to create a variety of cuts and bruises on the poor orphans.

The Orphanage opened in October 2020 and sold out over the Halloween weekend. If you dare step inside, keep a close eye on the orphans as their eyes follow you around the room…