In the wake of the Black Lives Matters movement and the revelations of discrimination that followed, especially in the arts industry, the following open letter from Rick was written to all company members:

I wanted to let you all know where I and POS stand with regards BLM and our industry in particular. This is so that you know what this company believes in, what you’re apart of and so that you have it in writing.

POS is not planning on releasing a public statement online just to be ‘seen’ to be releasing one: this dialogue with you and the recognition of the challenges ahead of us is enough for me.

POS recognises and is aware that it needs to look to the future and become more diverse. I am aware that we need to explore texts from Black, Asian and Mixed Ethnicity authors and perform in venues to Black, Asian and Mixed Ethnicity audiences.

Going forward as the company evolves we will address these challenges and turn them into opportunities.

We are a young company based in a predominately white middle-class region, however we are ambitious and self-aware of our obligation to use that position and we will do so.

POS is young but it’s also ambitious and it’s aware of the world which it’s a part of and what it can do to help change it.